The hashtag is a great tool that the internet has come to use to identify messages of a specific topic. But what value does it really still have as far as marketing is concerned?

If you use Facebook or Twitter, chances are you have noticed the increase in advertising on both websites. Twitter has decided to use promoted tweets, promoted accounts to follow, and also promoted trending topics. These trends are great because they are (aside from promoted trends) what people around the world are talking about be it news or a random tag that generates conversation that caught fire. For a business to want to place a trend in the top trending topics that people are engaging with in their social media endeavors.

One day while being bored on Twitter, I started to look at some of the promoted trends. I noticed one thing; every promoted trend had plenty of tweets about it, but none were about the topic at hand. Instead of driving traffic to the brands twitter page, website,or topic, it appeared as if each individual who read the trend, took it their own way and posted whatever they wanted using the hashtag. The call-to-action was present, being utilized, but not in any way relevant to fainting brand awareness.

Interning for a top action sports brand in my final semester of college that was interested in using the advertising features of Twitter, I can promise you that the cost of a promoted trend is an investment. While I love the hashtag and its capabilities for tracking trends, conversations, or whatever you use them for, as a marketer, what value do you see them having? What do you feel makes a good tag, and what doesn’t? Lets have some creative discussion in the comment section!

Happy Thursday world! 🙂